New location in Coburg, OR

We have arrived. It’s official. We are overjoyed to announce that our farm has found its forever home. Here on 16 acres just north of Coburg, Oregon we are getting to work and getting to know our new land. Since October we have been moving, unpacking, making repairs to the home and barn, and preparing the soil for … [Read more…]

Making a farm purchase happen

  While we dig into the soil, we are also digging deep into making offers on farm properties and seeking lending. To help the farm find the right property, we’ve posted an ad on the Friends of Family Farmers website here. There are a lot of steps (ahem, hoops rather) to buying any property but especially a farm property. … [Read more…]

Change and growth on the farm…

We’ve been hard at work on our new farm site, the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association (BDA) property in Junction City.   We are fond of this site, it’s history, and it’s potential future. At the very least, we are grateful to have a place to farm with good soil and clean water, and to lease … [Read more…]

Meet the farm

We hope this finds you in good spirits! After a good 2009 season, we grew out of our previous location in Creswell and went a-looking for a new site. This winter we found an excellent location waiting to become a sustainable community farm. We began moving in and planting seeds in March. Our new location … [Read more…]