Making a farm purchase happen


0729140810While we dig into the soil, we are also digging deep into making offers on farm properties and seeking lending. To help the farm find the right property, we’ve posted an ad on the Friends of Family Farmers website here. There are a lot of steps (ahem, hoops rather) to buying any property but especially a farm property. See this great article from These Salty Oats food and politic blog. The article touches on some of the obstacles young farmers are overcoming in order to access land. Fair leases help and Aggy Bonds might help once they are available in Oregon. 

The land we are leasing in the mean time is on a small farm in Dexter with a history of organic methods and no use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Were growing a variety of our favorite crops for our family, bulk orders and restaurants including kale, chard, collards, snap peas, tomatoes, mesculin salad mix and delicata squash. Mmm, mmm.